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Commemorating Gajinder Singh’s 41 years in exile,

Dal Khalsa convention on Azadi-

the only way on Sep 29

Amritsar, - : Ever since the Dal Khalsa founder and hijacker Gajinder Singh posted his photo standing in front of the Gurdwara Panja Sahib in Pakistan, the future and status of the separatist leader is uncertain as both the govt of India and Pakistan are yet to react.

Back home, his party has decided to hold a convention followed by March in Hoshiarpur on Sep 29 -the day Gajinder Singh along with his four-party colleagues hijacked the Indian plane to Pakistan on 29 Sep 1981 to demand the release of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and to highlight the injustices heaped on Sikhs in Hindu-India.

The hijackers were arrested at Lahore airport after a commondo action on them. They were sentenced for life by Pakistani court and were released in Nov 1994. Two of them have returned and two got settled in Switzerland while Gajinder Singh whereabouts were always a talking point and guessing game.

Addressing the press c

onference here today, party senior activist Kanwar Pal Singh and spokesperson Paramjit Singh Mand said, we were holding a convention on the subject Azadi- the only way to mark the completion of 41 years of our leader’s in exile. We will be remembering him as he is an inspirational figure for us especially to today’s young generation.

Talking about his latest status and place, they said as a stateless person, Singh is living in exile.

They claimed that his name was dropped from the list of 50 most wanted persons handed over by New Delhi to Pakistan on March 28, 2011,

"As his name stands cleared from the list of India’s most wanted persons, we believe he is a free man to live a life of his choice anywhere in the world without any fear and hindrance," said Kanwar Pal.

Referring to en masse voting in favour of Khalistan by Sikh Diaspora in Toronto (Canada), they said the support for the cause was gaining momentum and currency day by day. They said on the pattern of Canada allowing to Quebec and UK to Scotland, India should allow the people of Punjab to exercise their democratic right to self-determination without any fear.

Contesting Indian media’s claims that handful of people supports Khalistan, they said if given chance we are confident that the majority of people here in Punjab too will caste Yes vote in favour of Khalistan.

They said today’s youth were of the opinion that solutions to all problems of Panth and Punjab lies in complete independence of Punjab from Indian yoke.

On Supreme Court ruling in favour of Haryana Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, they said by default the verdict has provided an opportunity to end Centre’s domination on SGPC.

As per reorganisation Act, 1966 the SGPC is an inter-state body. With Haryana gone, Sikh leaders should leave one seat of Himachal and make the institution independent of Centre .

He blamed the Badalization of Sikh institutions for degradation in Sikh polity. They said Badals were inching towards political careers end.


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